Project: Website Redesign for Issa's Pita Chips
Role: UX/UI Designer
UX Design Tools: Adobe XD, InVision
Timeline: 9 Day Sprint
For this final project at the Ironhack Bootcamp, I was given the opportunity to work with a real client. Issa's Flame Baked Pita Chips is a family-owned and operated business in Buffalo, New York. The original pita bread bakery was founded by a Lebanese immigrant, Habib Issa in 1981. “Bringing hospitality has always been the most important ingredient in a Lebanese kitchen with pita bread following in a close second,” according to the Issa family.

The main goals of the client are that consumers need to know about and where to buy their pita chips. As well as, why they should choose their chips over the competition. In addition to increasing brand awareness, Issa’s wants to incorporate social media to promote consumer engagement.
I met with two of the stakeholders via Zoom. I listened to Lisa Nuessle and Andrew Issa tell the history of Issa’s original store, Cedars Bakery and how the flame baked pita chip was born.
“Pita chips have basically taken over the bread business we just, we do probably  80% pita chips now”. -Andrew Issa
We want the website to reflect our personality.
We want the company to retain the communal aspect of the Lebanese culture.
Researching the competition, I compared five direct competitors and three indirect. I found the commonalities and what was missing in the market.
After evaluating the competition, I discovered the feature gaps and identified my blue ocean.
To set our brand apart from its competitors, I believed we could feature Issa’s authenticity and Lebanese heritage and offer recipes to pair with the chips.
Compiling data from eight interviews, I organized it into an affinity map noting trends, pains, gains, and user habits when it comes to snacking. I was so moved by the origins of Issa’s Pita Chips, I assumed this would be important to consumers as well. I quickly found out that as interesting as a story might be, it is likely not a great motivator to purchase snacks.
Processing the user data, I was able to put a face to my user type. Health-Conscious Hillary captured the user’s mental model and help me focus my work on the user.
Focusing on my persona, I was able to sense what the user would experience when navigating the current website.
The user journey for Hillary takes her from seeing Issa’s Pita Chips on Instagram, going on the website, finding where they can buy them, going to the store, and giving up when they are unable to locate the chips.
The opportunities I found are:
More engaging website
Make sure customers can find the stores that sell Issa’s pita chips.
Making sure customers know where to find the chips, once they're in the store.
Providing a delicious alternative to other chips in the store.
Taking a good look at the user’s journey, I was ready to define the problems.
Three Problem Statements and How Might We's
When our health-conscious user is struggling to find the stores that sell Issa’s Flame Baked Pita Chips, is not feeling super-engaged with the website, and thinks pita chips are hard and bland, we can create…
A branded website that will provide customers the opportunity to learn about our story, our products, and where to find us. The website will increase brand visibility and consumer engagement via recipes and social media contests.
Low-Fi Prototypes
Moving into prototyping, I started with InVision sketches that aligned with my Minimum Viable Option (MVP).
Low-Fi Prototypes

Low-Fi Prototypes

Tested five users on the Low-Fi prototype, most found it easy to use. So, didn't pivot too much on the Mid-Fi's. Added more details to enable a quicker move to Hi-Fi.

Mid-Fi Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototypes
Hi-Fi Prototypes are the final deliverable for the client. Issa's owners loved the look of the updated website!
High-Fi Prototype
Increase In Pita Chips Sales
Increase In Web Traffic
Low Bounce Rate

Time-Box yourself to work efficiently
Don’t fall in love with your first design
Conventional naming in prototype 
design makes for a smoother handoff 
to web developers
Web Traffic Remains The Same
High Bounce Rate
No Increase In Sales

Test High-Fi Prototype
Follow-Up with Stakeholders
Professional photos for the site
Thank you for taking the time to read my case study. Feedback is always appreciated. 
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